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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Healthy living through chemistry. Or healthy eating choices. Details.

Went to McDonalds today. Haven't eaten there in about a week, which considering I used to work there, and gained most of my pregnancy weight with Heidi there, is an eternity.

Ordered a Bacon Ranch Salad for myself, a 10 piece nugget meal, and an extra 6 piece nugget for my daughter. I didn't really need a 10 piece nugget, but they sounded good, and I could split the fries with my daughter, and keep the iced mocha. I know it's cheaper than ordering it all separate.

I got home, put the salad in the fridge for later. Found no salad dressing or silverware. No surprise, but no biggie, either. I have ranch dressing in the fridge, and last I checked, I still had some forks. I wasn't interested in the salad, right now. I wanted nuggets and fries!

I ate 3 nuggets, and my half of the split french fries, and felt kinda icky. The strong mocha probably didn't help, and I know Travis said it wasn't that good, but I thought it was okay. I won't gross you out, it wasn't bad, but...dunno...I felt off. I gave up on the nuggets, and went for a walk.

I am now eating the salad, and I feel better. Out of curiousity, I went to the McD's website, I pulled the nutrition facts for roughly what I ate. For a 4 piece nugget, small fry and iced mocha with whole milk, it is 730 Calories. For my salad, Bacon Ranch with Grilled Chicken with Ranch dressing, it was 440 calories, it is 440 calories. I know calories aren't everything, but, it's a start.

Sorry, Double Cheeseburgers, no ketchup mustard with mac sauce, I think our days are done. And can I say Thank goodness.

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