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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Star Trek Musings and other griping....

This is actually two of my LiveJournal posts posted here into one. Yay for you!

Let's try this again, shall we? I started this last night, but realized I didn't have the energy or though process to finish it. The thoughts were still with me too flipping early for me this morning.

The hubby and I went to go see Star Trek again Friday. The 4th time, and probably the last, because my husband was falling asleep in the theatre. I was fine, and I'd love to see it again. and again. This was the first time at this theatre, the first week at the 2nd run theatre. Tickets, pop and popcorn at Wehrenburg, the first run theatre, was about $30, and at Collins Roads, the 2nd run theatre, the total was about $17. And that's with real butter for your popcorn.

I had some random thoughts about some things in the movie, and I can't really express them anywhere but online, since my husband says I overanalyze. Of course I do. I'm a fangirl and a Trekkie. duh. So in no real order, my thoughts.

How exactly did Kirk get his "Enterprise clothes"? When Kirk was brought on board, he was still wearing his cadet uniform, although Bones did say something about "getting changed". I've seen an article about the designs of the uniforms, and the male cadets wore a red undershirt under the red uniform, and "cupcake" had one on when his shirt was open after the bar fight. How did Kirk get a black shirt and pants? He wouldn't have his own uniforms on the Enterprise, since he wasn't assigned there. I suppose Kirk could have "cheated" and wore the black undershirt under his cadet uniform, but I don't know if he would have even possessed any of them, as he had no real ship to go to, and get them. (Like that would ever stop Jim Kirk.) Most likely, he probably borrowed them, from his boyfriend best friend McCoy, although at least with the shirt, it probably would have been too big. But now, we couldn't have our hero running around in red or a too big borrowed shirt, right? Sure. At least it does give us something nice to look at. Chris Pine is easy on the eyes, most definitely.

Why was Dr. McCoy helping with the Kobyashi Maru? I know he was there to support and roll his eyes at Jim, but honestly, Dr. McCoy knows how to check to see if the Klingon shields are down? I guess there is something for doctors to be cross-trained, but man, that's something else. No wonder McCoy is so busy, learning all the nuances of Starfleet along with all the medical stuff. Another quick note about McCoy. I really hope if they are going to do a sequel that McCoy can be a little bit happy. I swear, the closest we got of a smile from him was when Kirk asked about who Spock was after his hearing. Honestly, some happiness for the good doctor, please.

I know that McCoy and Kirk are BFF's, but I really don't think I could smuggle my best friend on my ship just cause he didn't want to be left behind. That is some dedication by McCoy. I wonder if he really got into much trouble for getting Jim onboard, afterall, Kirk did save the whole damn planet, ya know.

I have more, but I'll wrap it up for now, with kids and chatting, it's taken me an hour to write this much. Progress, I know. Have a good fourth, if you like the holiday. I don't but that's just personal reasons. Til later.

Let's see if I can get this done. I'm kinda a crabby SOB today, so, yeah. Maybe I'll explain that more later.

Star Trek thoughts..

Sulu seriously doesn't get enough credit for saving the Enterprise. If he hadn't forgotten to take off the "parking brake", the ship would have been with the rest of the fleet, and reduced to space trash. Between his error and McCoy's smuggling of Jim onboard, the planet has a lot more people than just Jim Kirk to thank for the saving of Earth.

This is the point I tried to explain to my husband, who proceeded to give me his best McCoy eyeroll. I asked why Chekov got the conn in the movie when the Captain is elsewhere, saving everyone's hides. He said, "because that's the way it's always done" I guess he means in TOS. Fine. But for me, giving Chekov the conn in the movie, was CRAZY! Pike gives it to Chekov when Spock, Kirk, Mr. Red-Shirt Olsen and himself were going to visit Nero and the drill. Pike couldn't even remember his name 20 minutes before! And later, when Spock was going to beam down to Vulcan, I believe Spock gave it to Chekov again. I don't remember if I heard it or not, but when Spock and Kirk beamed onto Nero's ship, he probably had it then. I'm sorry, but HUH? I love Chekov, don't get me wrong, he's cute, and smart, and Anton Yelchin is great, but giving the captain's duties to a 17 year old kid? As McCoy said, "Oh Good, he's 17." Maybe he wouldn't have total captainly duties, or he's just babysitting the bridge until the Captain gets back, and doesn't make any real decisions, but, yeah. Maybe TOS Chekov had more responsiblities, but I just don't see this AU Chekov as mature enough to be captain if the situation arises. What's Sulu, chopped liver? And in the TOS we know he got to be Captain. See previous thought. Luckily, everyone made it home mostly safe, so it's kind of a moot point, but, thought provoking, for me.

I saw an LJ icon that said, "Jim Kirk and the terrible, awful, horrible, no good very bad day." Yeah, that about sums it up. I have no idea how Kirk could even TALK with having the life almost choked out of him by Spock, and Ayel, and beat up by about everything in between. One tough cookie. Or stupid cookie. Or both.

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